Terminating a Great Performer?

This post on terminating a great performer is good and all, but it made me think “what about great performers who are not recognized as such and are terminated.” Of course

, that doesn’t need advice to managers on how to handle it, because to them it’s just a termination. It still struck me funny.

I’ve never looked at an employer or even a client the same way since the job I had where I was exceptional, poured my heart into it, and wound up terminated because the only people who mattered were seemingly oblivious. Going on 20 years later, I have never put the same kind of effort in for and extended time, and never regained my trust in employers or that hard work and dedication would be rewarded. The closest I’ve come to forgetting that is in my absurd degree of loyalty to my former large client, which might explain why I feel so jaded currently.

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  1. John Kaufeld

    It’s very hard to walk through that level of rejection and betrayal after buying into a company’s vision and giving your heart to the cause. After seeing that first-hand when a company pointlessly fired many of my co-workers, I started my own business. That step changed my life. Even though I’m temporarily back in corporate life, the knowledge that I can escape it in time keeps me going day by day.

    “Keep moving forward.” Walt Disney (via Cornelius Robinson in “Meet the Robinsons”)

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