What Economic Type Are You?

Via Rob Sama, who came out as Rubinomics (I was torn and might have had I gone with my other response), this is a fun economic profile test.

I came out as moderate supply side economics

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, which means:

Supply Side Economics holds that capital accumulation drives growth, and that the most important role for government is to remove disincentives to capital formation, especially by reducing taxes on capital and earnings. It holds that markets generally get it right, and that government intervention should be limited, including through a simple tax code with low rates and few deductions. But markets only get it right if they get the right price signals, so supply-side economics focuses on making sure that there are as few distortions to the market as possible. Finally, the overriding goal of supply-side economics growth; equity issues are best left to the market.

I’m not sure I liked the way the answers boxed me in, but its point was to match you with one of a small set of types, so what the heck.

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