Crazy Dream

I just remembered that earlier I dreamed that the owner of the law firm that was my company’s main client scheduled a meeting with me to discuss whether it would be viable to have me take back over their IT support, as he’d become unhappy with the company that replaced me.

That’d never happen. He’d more likely go with yet another outfit, but the one he has is such a local and relatively major one, I’m not sure who that might be. I get the impression that they’ve been made to expand their infrastructure and relicense their software more vigorously than they were used to, and were not thrilled at having to make a remotely major expenditure more frequently than their traditional ten years.

That’s how it appeared. They made a really huge IT expenditure circa 1995-1997, had issues, landed with us in 1998 to pick up the pieces, stopped spending money after 1998. In 2006 they had no choice but to start spending money again, being already years out of date, and compensating by overspending on duct tape and baling wire. In 2007 they spent comparably to what they had in that initial burst, and that involved my replacement with a larger IT services firm. I long assumed that it would take someone else to sell them, since they wouldn’t upgrade as needed at my behest, but then were unhappy things took so much effort. Ironically, they spent like there was no tomorrow, then went onto a more or less fixed price contract that was for approximately the amount they averaged paying me, but that their big burst of spending had made possible to handle inexpensively.

What a racket! Get the customer to spend the money needed to make the fixed price support contract profitable. Plus have fine print so some of the worst possible incidents that could get out of control are not under the fixed price. Why didn’t I think of that! I mean

, besides that the client would never have agreed to spend, say, 150 grand on new stuff if I’d proposed it. But then the client also turned down the opportunity for a fixed monthly rate, too, then provoked situations where the charge for the month could swing dramatically.

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