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Mining my endless bookmarks under the “blog this” category, here is one from last year, always relevant, Get a Job, Any Job from one of the first bloggers I ever read

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, Joanne Jacobs.

I wish that back in 1988 I’d had a firmer grip on what good advice this was, and a better idea of how to make the most of whatever I could get. And that despite actually having a more career-minded degree thn some, in accounting, but crippled by not wanting to join the guild. That is, become a CPA.

After my experiences, and simply because I am observant and capable of simple math and extrapolation, I’ve perceived there to be a higher education bubble since long before Glenn Reynolds started touting the topic. I expect higher education, to the extent it exists, to look very different as time, perhaps less than you might expect, goes by, and for practical skills to become more desired. Besides, most of what I learned in college that wasn’t specific to my major field of study should have been covered by the end of high school… or was covered. In my experience with nieces and nephews, they are a year or more ahead overall in school, and are doing what was college work for me as early as sixth or seventh grade, which is a good sign. In my daughter’s case, the kindergarten curriculum corresponds roughly to what used to be first grade, according to her principal, and from my perspective it’s no first grade I recognize. The science part of it alone is amazing. But I digress.

You have to learn how to hold that job, learn what is specific to a company or a field in reality, and then your knowledge and all from schooling can help you take more advantage than you might otherwise. It’s not magic or a guarantee. Sometimes I think you might do as well with self-taught knowledge, or specific classes, rather than a whole degree, depending what level of entrenched credentialism you face when you know the ropes and are ready to conquer new heights.

The topic made me think of this song…

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