Yuck! T-Mobile Swallowed By AT&T

Subject to regulatory approval, of course.

I have T-Mobile, and have been known to complain, but that has more to do with having a horrible phone over the past two years. An alleged “BlackBerry,” which sensibly is no longer made, on which the screen cracked about a month after I received it, with weak ability to get signal even where it should, now on death’s door, begging to be replaced. Thing is, I am annoyed with Verizon over my home service, and that makes me less inclined to go with them. AT&T is the evil also-ran with the horrible reputation, overloaded with iPhone users, though they seemed to handle the crunch unexpectedly well. The whole phone thing is the subject of an entirely different post I haven’t written yet. This complicates things, even with it being a year until it’s likely to be completed.

The sad thing is, after learning recently about T-Mobile having become the leader in building up their network and jumping ahead of others

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, and in offering good deals on plans, I sort of predicted that they were a likely takeover target. Better if they and one or more of the smaller players had merged, though. A shame the technology in use is closest to matching that of AT&T.

This article wasn’t too amused with the prospect.

T-Mobile USA has information for customers, which is an excellent move on their part.

Deutsche Telekom, owner of T-Mobile USA, has a press release of interest. They will become the single largest shareholder of AT&T, 8%, on top of getting an infusion of cash. It’s a pretty winning deal from the perspective of the companies involved.

Customers? Depends, but I’m skeptical.

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