Toil and Trouble

My first reason for blogging this was going to be my exclamation part of the way through: “I didn’t know Hallmark owned Crayola!

Then I got to the part where Zubbles were mentioned

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, which clarified my confusion. When I saw that colored bubbles were a new product and by Crayola and had issues, I remembered reading about the invention of Zubbles, what a great story it was, and realizing I had never seen them. At first I assumed that the Crayola product was the one I’d read about way back.

Clearly not, given the differences in reaction, funding, marketing, distribution power, and functionality. It made me want to track down some Zubbles for the kids. Or maybe the Crayola version, to be used outside and in clothes that are expendable.

Or perhaps it’s time simply to break out the standard bubbles, since it’s a beautiful 54 degree day and the kids have opted not to go outside…

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