Good Question

I saw the news yesterday about Katie Couric moving to Yahoo, of all things, and was intrigued. I thought it was clever and had potential as a business move for the news aspect of Yahoo. I’d love to see Yahoo succeed, for the sake of worthy competition among internet giants with overlapping business models or target audiences.

My thought was that, as a relatively washed-up talk/news personality from the TV world, but one with huge name recognition

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, it was a clever, novel, unexpected, and big fish/small pond move for Couric. One that was worth taking what I assumed would be a significant pay cut. Conversely, it brought that sort of name recognition and star power to the unexpected venue of Yahoo. This could only boost Yahoo’s work in becoming more about content and less about traditional features such as search

, even mail.

As always, in time we will know how it works out.

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