Monthly Archive: November 2013

Smart Postal Service Move

The Postal Service has arranged to do Sunday deliveries for Amazon. This strikes me as a brilliant move for both parties, in particular for the USPS in gaining revenue both for that service, and by gaining overall volume by association. It strikes me that it will work best if they offer the service to others as well.

I don’t know the exact logistics of the USPS, but I know that people work behind the scenes, transporting and processing mail of various types

, seven days a week. Since it is essentially an enhancement to overnight service, that’s the part of the operation that matters.

At FedEx Ground and Home, adding this would make less sense. First, those aren’t marketed as overnight/express services, for all they can be remarkably speedy. Second, while there exists no possibility of union quibbles, it would take some doing to persuade independent route owners to commit to an extra day. For that matter, two days, since both Home and Ground – and this would by definition be Home – only deliver five days per week. You couldn’t just commandeer their vans, and you’d need part time drivers. Third, to expand days of service would require the entire operation to run extra days. It’d be crazy. But this isn’t the direct competition, anyway.

I know less about the operations of FedEx Express, or the equivalent services of UPS. The USPS commitment impresses me in part because I can see the challenges involved with adding that day, with filtering out those specific packages, delivering those alone, when behind the scenes it might be normal routing of all the packages to distribution centers/terminals, or local post offices. I love these kinds of logistics.

RIP Wayne Hurlbert

It was with great sadness that I learned of the recent death of blogger Wayne Hurlbert, who suffered a massive heart attack while at his computer

, waiting to start an episode of Blog Talk Radio. Wayne was a long time blogger on business, blogging for business, business books, and other topics. While it was not the only impetus, this was one of the factors influencing me to take on a revival and redirection of this fallow blog.

Revived and Repurposed

The plan is to post regularly here on business and economics, perhaps heavy on links, and make this site fit the name. By all means, e-mail biz at this domain if you’d like to point out a post or article of possible interest.

I’ve imported the old content into a new WordPress install, then purged a lot of it. That means as of now there’s a default theme. Updating the look will be next

, along with posts of substance. Though really, I consider the posts more important.