About Bizosphere

Bizosphere was intended as a link-heavy business and economics blog that didn’t really take off as such, but spent some time as home of Carnival of the Capitalists. These days, in this economic and governmental climate, we are all business bloggers now.

This is an effort to bring the domain and idea back from the dead.

Marshall Ellis has been fascinated by business since elementary school, and with varying degrees of success has run multiple small or solo businesses over the decades. He got an accounting degree but didn’t want to be a CPA. In retrospect, that was the route to his preference of cost accounting, or to strategic management. When they created an economics minor, he considered pursuing it, but didn’t want to be in school forever, and there was a shortage of Austrians around. In fact, he had the pleasure of introducing one of his economics professors to the term and concept of “privatization.”

Some relevant old content will remain here, but mostly it’s about going forward. Submissions are welcome, shades of the old CotC, but there’s no guarantee you will be linked to or written about. The objective will be regular posts, even if they are little more than links of possible interest. E-mail submissions to biz at this domain.

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