For what it’s worth, after a not insubstantial period of downtime with a database connection error, we’re back. Naturally it was an easy fix. Since there have been no new posts since 2016, people wouldn’t exactly be flocking here, but hey.

Ironically, the last post was about plans to open new Dairy Queens, and perhaps a week ago a friend posted pictures of food from one such area DQ on Facebook. I’d forgotten about the expansion plans entirely until the site was revived and I saw the old post.

Since I’m doing an administrative update of sorts, some explanation of the posting drought. If you can call it that, given that not posting has been more normal than posting. Anyone paying attention can see that this is one of a set of blogs that, whatever their origin or history, are meant to cover different topics. I’ve come to think of myself as and perhaps even accept the status of “semi-retired.” The hosting exists. Most of the domains existed and they’re cheap for the next clever idea that’ll be quickly discarded. I love to write and theoretically have time. Revenue might theoretically be possible from blogging. So hey, why not do a group of blogs and see what happens! Yeah… that went well. While I haven’t dismantled the “Elhide Publishing” thing as it exists online, I also haven’t pursued it. That doesn’t mean I’ll never post at a given blog. It doesn’t even preclude a burst, or something longer, of intensive posting.

Just don’t count on it.

Hey, for all you know I could suddenly get a “real job” and no longer be semi-retired because “old” in tech started at least twenty years before more traditional retirement age. With the improving economy, who knows. Just don’t count on it.

Site Meter

I have removed Site Meter after learning that it sometimes feeds back a popup video from MySpace when sites hosting it load. Its utility is less than it once was, anyway, and that is not acceptable as the price of free.


Pardon my appearance while I play with the theme. Because that’s so much more productive than writing posts…

Actually, I am pausing incomplete on the theme, which is why this post noting incompletion.

Revived and Repurposed

The plan is to post regularly here on business and economics, perhaps heavy on links, and make this site fit the name. By all means, e-mail biz at this domain if you’d like to point out a post or article of possible interest.

I’ve imported the old content into a new WordPress install, then purged a lot of it. That means as of now there’s a default theme. Updating the look will be next, along with posts of substance. Though really, I consider the posts more important.