May Prices Up More Than Expected

Well, that’s not what the article title says: May Retail Sales Up More Than Expected.

Rebate checks? More money on hand? Do the people who write these things actually do any shopping?

I could easily buy retail prices being up by the 0.8% stated, after factoring out certain big ticket items and gas. There’s just no factoring out the cost of fuel from the cost of groceries and other goods.

Painting this as rosy sales news is almost like thinking that the same percentage profit on $138 that you made on $50 is a “windfall.”

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And the Fallacies Shatter Like Glass…

Keith Casey applies The Broken Window Fallacy in Software. Perhaps I’ll put this over at Geek Practitioners too, for its tech angle, but ultimately it’s the same business and economics issue people are too often mistaken about, whatever the exact circumstances.

I have an accumulation of links, some of which I may have dumped elsewhere and forgotten, which I am trying to go through and link in brief on whatever blogs seem most relevant. Thus you can expect to see an especially large burst

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, but I will also endeavor to put more links as I find them.